Helping to improve chicago has never been so easy

Reinvented 311 - Let’s work to make Chicago a better place to live


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Superpowers for Citizens


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Report any city incident using your smartphone. You also can use our website! You just have to take a picture, pick a location, choose a type of incident and send it to us. Help us to make Chicago a better place to live. It’s like a 311, but easier and smarter!

Interactive Map

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Navigate our interactive map and check what's happening. If you're curious, you can check other cities. Never know what can you find out there. Indeed, we made a bot to check what's happening on Open311. We have tons of incidents in Chicago.


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We're fully integrated with Open311 API. So, yes, we send every incident directly to the people in charge to attend it, You're going to receive notifications when your report is being attended. Nice, right?


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We love to build communities that matter for society. Don't you? You can comment and send thanks to other people for their contribution. Indeed, we give points to every super citizen. You never know, maybe this points can be changed in the near future.


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We're fully connected with social networks. If you share, you're going to get more points! We work better together


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We know that you want to be the best citizen, so we have a leaderboard! You can check it in our website! What's your position in the leaderboard?